Videos of Past Presentations

Dr Michael Bradley:  Challenges of Adolescence: The Why, The How, & What To do

Dr John Mendelsson:  Critical Conversations on Substance Use

Darin Conway on Encouraging Productive Parent-Child Dialogues on Substance Use

What Emerging Adults Need to Know About Drugs: Facts to Help Assess Risks with Dr. John Mendelsson

Darin Conway’s Follow-Up Interview with Dr. John Mendelsson

Dr. Devin Prouty:  Eat, Breathe, Sleep:  The Science of Sleep and its Impact on Health, Performance, and Well-Being

Dr Brad Sachs:  Good Enough Parenting

Dr Shauna Shaprio:  Mindful Parenting

STEAM Panel:  A panel of female professionals and LGHS students representing Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math

Benjamin Zander:  How to Give an A

Jared Finkelstein:  Quality of Connection:  Building Heart-full Families

Melissa King:  Understanding and Overcoming Barriers to Learning

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