Handy Phone Numbers/Links

Al-Anon:  408-379-1051

Alcoholics Anonymous:  408- 374-8511

Dept. of Alcohol & Drug Services:  408- 272-6518

EMQ Families First: 1-877-41-CRISIS (408-379-9085)

Narcotics Anonynous:  408-998-4200

Parent Stress Help Line for Referrals:  408-279-8228

Parent Support Line :  650-579-0358
A 24 hour free service where parents can get support by talking about their challenges and also receive information on relevant services that may help with their situation.

Internet Safety Resources: https://www.facebook.com/safety/resources

13 Reasons Why and support for suicide prevention:
If your teen is viewing the controversial Netflix series 13 Reasons Why, consider viewing this link with resources: https://13reasonswhy.info/ (this link was referred by the Childrens Health Council of Santa Clara County; it provides guidance and information for parents).

This show deals with the topic of suicide and presents some difficult situations. Teens who are emotionally vulnerable are especially susceptible to the downsides of watching this show.

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