Project Cornerstone, a Santa Clara County non-profit, “is committed to helping all children and teens in Silicon Valley feel valued, respected and known. Their programs and services help individuals and communities build a web of support around young people so that they grow into healthy, caring and responsible adults.”*

These programs are based on the 40 Developmental Assets which kids need to succeed, identified by the Search Institute. They comprise external assets such as family support and positive peer influences; and internal assets such as integrity, honesty, and resistance skills. Project Cornerstone has identified one more asset of particular value to the young people of Santa Clara County: positive cultural identity. You can get acquainted with these assets here: 41 Assets.

In 2006, Los Gatos started its participation with Project Cornerstone: Creating a Community Initiative. Lisa Fraser, Fisher Middle School’s Principal, was instrumental in this initiative. You can learn more about the results of her work by viewing this presentation and by watching the YouTube video associated with the Asset Champions Awards our school districts have received:

  • 2012 Positive Cultural Identity: Jane Babb, Fisher Middle School – Watch Video
  • 2012 Caring School Climate: Los Gatos High School – Watch Video
  • 2010 Caring School Climate: Fisher Middle School – Watch Video

Project Cornerstone has many school partnerships that empower young people, parents, and school staff to improve their school climate and to create a vibrant, caring community of learners.  Below are the school programs they offer to help achieve this.

The Asset Building Champions (ABC) is a parent engagement program in which adults learn to create positive connections with their own children and youth in the community.

Los Dichos helps parents from diverse cultures support their children’s school success as well as the healthy development of all young people in their communities.

Expect Respect is a bullying prevention program that allows students to identify bullying on their campuses and design and implement action plans to stop bullying, improve school climate and make every student feel valued and welcome.

Take It Personally is a six-session workshop where adults can learn to support children and teens in all parts of their lives.

School staff training and consulting helps teachers and other school staff identify bullying and stop it.