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  1. Alicia de Fuentes

    To the parenting continuum community,
    First, thank you airing this film. I am particularly interested in reaching out to you as our school is thinking of the possibility of doing the same soon. We are trying to define whether to go ahead with the viewing at our school as a PTA project. For us to go ahead with this, we need some input from our neighboring community who has pioneered this, so if you do not mind me asking I would appreciate the input. Did you have any parent pressure to implement project based learning at your school after the viewing? What plans does your district have to start this new concept of teaching or have they started already? How teachers reacted to the screening of this film and possible implementation? Are there lessons learned after this initiative that may be useful to know ahead of time?
    My name is Alicia de Fuentes and I am the VP of fundraising at Saratoga Elementary and I wish to persue this as a means of fundraising and I would like to see how to sell the idea effectively to our school without the District/Teachers panicking that we expect this to be done tomorrow:) I want to start informing the community rather than feel they are committed to change because this film is screen under our domain. I truly believe that all new educational trends should be considered and later considered for a realistic implementation particular to each district when and if possible.
    I reall look forward to any guidance/information you have regarding this initiative.
    Thank you,

    1. Marina Barnes

      Hi Alicia,

      Thank you for bringing to our attention all these thought
      provoking questions. I believe one of the intentions of this movie is to inspire communities to take action and to produce positive change. It sounds like you are ready to take our community on this journey. I am sure there will be others who will want to join you. I personally am not familiar with what is happening in LGUSD as my student is at LGHS which is part of LGSUHSD. However, we have parent volunteers who are in LGUSD and they may join this conversation.

      I would like to clarify the October showing was hosted by Hillbrook and they reached out to one of our parent volunteers, Andrea Anderson (who have students in LGUSD), in supporting Hillbrook with the promotion of this showing. The Parenting Continuum in conjunction with SHS’s PTSO will be hosting our first showing in Jan at the LG Theatre again. I hope you will come to this and meet Andrea and some of our other parent volunteers who are very interested in the work behind Most Likely To Succeed.

      One of your questions asked if project based learning have already started in LGUSD. As I mentioned earlier, I do not know and I am happy to report LGSUSHD have been implementing a project based learning programs:

      “Both schools [LGHS and SHS] in the district have devoted time and resources to developing applied-learning pathways–the Media Arts Program at SHS and the New Tech pathway as well as Engineering pathway (Project Lead the Way) and ASR (Advanced Science Research) at LGHS. At LGHS the training and professional development we have been able to receive for instance from the New Tech Network and PLTW have benefited staff and students as innovative approaches to teaching and learning (e.g., inquiry-driven learning, student-centered strategies, collaboration, one-to-one technology) have been employed with much success. We are continually reflecting upon and trying to enhance our practices and offerings as we care about serving students in the best ways possible.” ~Kristi Grasty, Principal of Los Gatos High School

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